About The Hosts


Reuben Hardern

Owner & Host
On Your Mental

More often than not, men keep things bottled up. We tend not to talk about things that worry us, or things that weigh on our minds, or things we simply care about. Men's mental health can suffer from that. This is where On Your Mental comes in.

Reuben’s grown up in an environment where sharing what was on his mind was encouraged every step of the way. As far as family goes, he’s an only child to a single mom who’s always advocated for openness at home. His friends have had to sit there and listen to him share everything that he thinks about; the ups and the downs of life. Reuben wanted to bring that same feeling that he’s been lucky enough to have all his life, to you.

If you’ve found On Your Mental, we hope that with every episode you feel like you can share more of your life with the people in it.


Kabir Sandhu

On Your Mental

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Albus Dumbledore

Kabir is on a journey and he has been for some time. Growing up in a household full of men, conversations regarding mental health were non-existent for him. His family moulded him to be a strong, tenacious man that remained stoic during the toughest of times. Kabir understands now, more than ever, that mental health flows hand in hand with physical health, and neither can be disregarded.

On Your Mental is all about breaking that mould and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We look forward to grow with all of you, one episode, one conversation at a time.